About Us

United FCG is a leading edge, client focused, commodities trading consultancy firm committed to a superior client experience through professional, multifaceted and personalized portfolio management practices designed to utilize the latest market information for maximum upside potential while continually strategizing to minimize risk through the implementation of next generation trading software.

The experience begins with the client/consultant relationship. Our consultants take the time to understand our clients. We take into account all facets of the client experience ranging from investment knowledge levels to liquidity status to risk tolerance factors and profit objectives. Then, with a full understanding of each client’s unique profile, we provide recommendations and management tailored to meet, and exceed, client objectives while providing each client the peace of mind they need to be a successful investor in the exciting world of commodities.

With this knowledge we will provide the research, market conditions, risk factors and time frames available at that moment that offer the best opportunity for significant profits and the strategy needed to realize those returns. It is only when our client’s have a sufficient understanding and comfort level with our recommendation, that we move forward.

This is when the investor’s journey begins. Utilizing the most innovative and cutting-edge trading platform available, we position each client into the contracts and opportunities recommended through their own personally managed, password protected trading account where each client can track all facets of their investment in minute, real time detail.

Simultaneously, our research staff and team of analysts are providing a continuous stream of information and evaluation to our consultants ensuring constant scrutiny until the next move should be considered. Armed with this superior stream of data our consultants are able to consistently position every client to take advantage of the latest, most favorable conditions currently available while continually reducing any downside risk. As a customer-centric consultancy group our prime directive with every client is to perpetuate their investment experience though this combination of insight and technology to provide an ongoing profitable market experience. Our experience has taught us that through an ongoing program of educational support, leading edge research and superior technology delivered with the understanding of each client’s unique profile we can create an enjoyable, profitable experience through which our clients develop their own expertise leading to even greater success.

We look forward to working with you and guiding you the achievement of your goals! Let’s talk


Advanced Trading platform, Dedicated Account Managers and Personal Bonus schemes are only some of the advantages you get when you invest with United FCG.


Trade multiple asset classes including cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities, indices and stocks on a single platform.


Educate yourself and improve your trading strategy thanks to our live webinars, market reports, analysis and trading signals.