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September 25, 2018

• The Fed is Deftly Walking the Razor`s Edge - Zacks Investment Research
• Fed is ready for third rate hike this year - CBS News
• With Fed set to raise rates again, other central banks sound ready to end the easy money, too - CNBC
• Why China's Currency Will Bounce Back - TheStreet
• Rates rise as Fed begins two-day meeting; 10-year Treasury yield hits highest since May - CNBC
• Fed expected to raise interest rates again as hiring, wages grow - Fox News
• Fed expected to hike rates twice more this year and then risk a 'policy mistake': CNBC survey - CNBC

September 24, 2018

• Euro rises sharply as Draghi views tighter labor market - CNBC
• Hong Kong's Surging Dollar Sends a Warning on Housing Market - Bloomberg
• Fed hikes give cash appeal; stocks no longer only game in town - Reuters
• Dollar adds to losses as new U.S.-China tariffs kick in - MarketWatch
• US Federal Reserve To Lift Interest Rates Wednesday: IBT Poll - International Business Times
• U.S. interest rates are rising and indebted Canadians won't escape the effect: Don Pittis - CBC News

September 21, 2018

• Bullish Mood Buoys Stocks, Commodities; Pound Dips: Markets Wrap - Bloomberg
• Hackers Steal $59 Million In Cryptocurrency From Japanese Exchange - NPR
• The Federal Reserve Could Raise Rates Again Next Week -- Here's What You Need to Know - The Motley Fool

September 20, 2018

• Brexit will have 'worse economic impact on UK than EU' - BBC News US

• Dollar finds footing as U.S.-China trade fight intensifies - MarketWatch
• Traders take Fed's cues, pile on bets on U.S. rate hikes - Reuters
• New 100 and 200 euro notes unveiled - BBC News US
• 3 Currencies to Watch in a Bear Market for Gold - TheStreet
• Forex- U.S. Dollar Falls on Trade War, Treasury Yields - Investing.com
• There's still a lot of central bank 'mismanagement,' says Allianz CEO - CNBC
• A spike in 10 year Treasury yields could trigger a financial crisis to rival the Great Depression - Business Insider
• Dollar adds to dip as trade fears are back at center stage - MarketWatch
• Wealthy Americans may be warning of the next stock market collapse to come: analyst - MarketWatch
• Erdogan slams US over economic attacks - TRT World
• Turkey raising rates is 'not the solution,' Mark Mobius warns - CNBC
• The next crisis is still lurking in the financial system: 'We never addressed the root cause' - CNBC
• Bank of England Keeps Rate Unchanged, Upgrades Growth Forecast - Bloomberg
• European Central Bank holds interest rates steady as economy ticks over - CNBC
• Bernanke Admits Fed Made Mistakes Combating Crisis 10 Years Ago - Bloomberg
• Europe signals it is time to confront the U.S. dollar as the global trading currency: Don Pittis - CBC News
• Forex - Turkish Lira Rallies After Central Bank Hikes Rates To 24% - Investing.com
• Global trade hopes lift shares, Turkey test awaits - Reuters
• Rates are about to hit a key level that could cause trouble for stocks - CNBC
• The Fed is trying to finally get back to 'normal' after the crisis, but skeptics doubt it truly can - CNBC
• A guide to the financial crisis — 10 years later - The Washington Post
• With a weak yuan and strong US data, Trump might have to accept a higher dollar, like it or not - South China Morning Post
• Rising interest rates having cooling effect on the economy? - Fox News
• Fed likely to need to hike rates 'a bit beyond neutral': Evans - Business Insider
• As global risk rises, the US dollar is now the only game in town - Business Insider
• China's currency is set for relative stability, but Trump could change everything - CNBC